Heavy Rail

Germany - The Netherlands - New Zealand - USA - France - Italy - Sweden

Since 1996, Transdev has operated numerous major rail contracts, spanning seven countries. These operations represent more than 3,800 miles of rail services in all forms

Commuter Rail - Trains connecting cities with suburban locations in all directions. Transdev operated trains serve Miami in the US, Auckland (New Zealand) and Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany).

Regional Rail - Contracted rail services connect large, medium sized and small cities; with systems in operation throughout Germany, the Netherlands, France and Sweden.

Long Distance Rail - Trains operating long distance connect across entire regions including several services in Sweden and Germany.

Transdev is the leading private operator of commuter rail services in the United States and regional rail services in Germany, operating under delegated management contracts. The delegated management model fosters quality of service and superior performance because it combines the goal setting and oversight of public authorities with the efficiency and innovation of private enterprise. It is a successful partnership model because it brings forth the respective strengths of the private and public sectors.

In Miami, Transdev operate ‘Tri-Rail’, the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority’s commuter rail system that links the airports of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. The service is designed to be integrated with local bus routes at every station, to ensure excellent connections and seamless passenger service. Transporting 13,000 passengers a day along 72 miles of track Transdev endeavour to provide consistent, high quality service with improved on-time performance and since starting operations in 2007 have improved on-time performance from 35% to 80%.

In Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, Transdev operate ‘Maxx’ a passenger rail service that transports over 10 million people every year. From contract start in 2004 Transdev have worked closely with Auckland Transport and significant investment from both regional and central government to develop the system including; track works, signalling systems, station upgrades and a major electrification of the rail network. This is all part of a plan to develop high quality public transport corridors and encourage more people to regularly use public transport; resulting in a 248% increase in train services between 2003 – 2011, tripling the rail patronage.


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