371 Hybrid bus

London's Red Buses are Going Green

11 May 2009

If you’ve been out and about in Richmond lately, you may have noticed some buses in your area now feature a green leaf motif on top of their traditional red livery.

These buses, which run on route 371 and are operated by Transdev, use eco-friendly hybrid technology engines, and are one of a number of different types of hybrid bus that Transport for London (TfL) is trialling. Diesel-electric hybrid buses are cleaner, quieter and use significantly less fuel than their diesel counterparts, cutting emissions of carbon dioxide by up to 40 per cent.

The five new hybrid buses running on route 371 are the first of their kind to operate in Richmond. They are part of a programme that will see the number of hybrid buses operating in London more than quadrupling to 56*. These vehicles are being introduced as part of an ongoing programme by TfL to test innovative technology and reduce emissions from its bus fleet, which is already the cleanest in the UK.

A further 300 new hybrid buses will be operating on routes across London by March 2011. After that time it is expected that all new buses entering London will be hybrid buses – we believe this is the most ambitious hybrid bus programme in Europe.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “Richmond residents riding on buses with the new green leaf livery can do so with their green consciences clear, assured that theirs are some of the cleanest buses about - big on fuel efficiency and small on harmful fumes.

"The eco-friendly technology in action means these buses guzzle far less fuel and expire a huge forty per cent less carbon dioxide than a regular bus. This really does mark a step forward in reducing pollution from public transport, and provides Londoners with another good reason to jump on board."

David Brown, Managing Director for Surface Transport at TfL, said: “London has led the way in the introduction of hybrid technology in its bus fleet. As we increase the number of hybrid buses in London, more people across the Capital will be able to see firsthand the future of the bus fleet – cleaner, quieter and more pleasant for passengers and Londoners on the whole, but also more efficient and environmentally friendly.”

Route 371 operates from Richmond (Dee Road) to Kingston High Street.