Tram Success at UK Light Rail Awards

19 October 2009

Tram employee William Hughes was selected as Employee of the Year at the 3rd Annual Tramways and Urban Transit "Light Rail Awards" which are the first within the industry to recognise excellence in both operators and industry suppliers, in London. 

Will Hughes Track Maintenance Co-ordinator commenced his career on the tramway at Nottingham during construction in 2002, as a surveyor and general assistant to the construction team's track engineer. It was during this period that he worked closely with the NTC infrastructure maintenance team to manage civil engineering works on tram stops and drains. He worked so well with the team that in August 2004 Will joined NTC as an Assistant Technician and paid particular attention to the processes employed by other track maintainers and contractors getting involved in work to increase his own knowledge, this was already a level of self motivation and ability above that which NTC expected. 

Will was promoted to Track Maintenance Co-ordinator in July 2008 despite having had no formal training and now manages the annual track maintenance program between September and April, personally overseeing jobs of particular importance. To ensure that track assets perform he has undertaken repairs on Christmas Day of his own volition, because that is the only day in the year when the system does not operate trams and he has developed the standard for method statements which NTC now use universally.

Will plans his life around the needs of the tramway, ensuring that he is available for all significant maintenance activities that NTC or contractors perform, whenever this occurs. This is an onerous workload as track maintenance of some sort occurs throughout the year. He has been awarded for 100% attendance for the last 3 years. 

Anthea Antonio Engineering Manager said "Will continued to show hidden depths and in a very quiet and unassuming way he has from a low position in the organisation taken charge of implementing the track maintenance, leading more senior staff and contractors in carrying out track repair work". 

She continued "He has dedicated his energy and enthusiasm to being the best track maintainer the Nottingham tram system could wish for". 

Will has steadfastly supported the maintenance activities of the tram to ensure that even though the system is still relatively new, that age and wear do not creep up and wreck the reputation of reliability and safety that the Nottingham travelling public has assumed and enjoyed. He is a real unsung hero.